Welcome to this web site accompanying our textbooks on digital image processing. Our books provide a modern, algorithmic introduction to digital image processing, designed to be used both by learners looking for a firm foundation on which to build and practitioners in search of critical analysis and modern implementations of the most important techniques. While we concentrate on practical applications and working implementations, we do so without glossing over the important formal details and mathematics necessary for a deeper understanding of the algorithms.

In preparing these texts, we started from the premise that simply creating a recipe book of imaging solutions would not provide the deeper understanding needed to apply these techniques to novel problems. Instead, our solutions typically develop stepwise along three different perspectives: (a) in mathematical form, (b) as portable pseudocode algorithms, and (c) as complete implementations in a real programming language (Java). We use a common and consistent notation throughout to intertwine all three perspectives, thus providing multiple but linked views of problems and solutions.

For our readers this site provides the following documents and materials:

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