Teaching Materials

Slide materials

For instructors we provide a collection of graphical elements including images, figures, tables, programs and important mathematical elements to be used directly in presentations or lecture slides. All clippings are stored as high-quality PNG images to be easily inserted in any common presentation tool.

  • Professional Edition (eng., 2008): imagesclippings
  • German Edition (2006): images | clippings
  • Chinese Edition (2010): same as Professional Edition
  • Materials for other editions are found here.

Note: All recent book editions are available as complete PDFs from the publisher or part of electronic library subscriptions. We recommend using these PDFs for extracting presentation materials.

Exercises and solutions

The exercises given in texts are intended to serve as examples and are supposed to be worked out by students for a maximum learning effect. Also, we believe that instructors experienced in the field should be in the position to come up with the right answers without any difficulties. For these two reasons we currently do NOT provide a complete collection of solutions for the assignments!

If, however, you should find a particular exercise unclearly stated or too hard to solve (after reading the text), please contact us and we will be happy to help you out.