There have been various changes and additions to the imagingbook-common library and the associated ImageJ plugins suite:

  • Delaunay triangulation: Two implementations of the Delaunay triangulation are now available which share the same interface. The new implementation (Guibas-algorithm) is roughly ten times faster than the previous version (based on Chew‘s algorithm).
  • 2D Geometry: Packages delaunay, mappings and fitting in have been revised. A new interface Point has been added to handle various implementations of 2D points across different packages.
  • Discrete Fourier and Cosine Transforms:  The  DFT and DCT libraries (packages and associated ImageJ plugins (in imagingbook_plugins_all/Spectral_Techniques). Added fast implementations based on the JTransforms package by Piotr Wendykier. Note that these are efficient mixed-radix implementations of the FFT that are not restricted to image sizes that are powers of two and thus require no image padding!
  • ImageJ plugins for book chapters: Maintenance of the plugin collections for all previous book editions has become too tedious. These sub-modules were thus frozen and will not be maintained (i.e., adapted to new releases of the imagingbook-common library) any longer. A complete and continuously updated collection of plugins is contained (as before) in the imagingbook-plugins-all repository. ZIP files with the plugin sets for previous book editions are found in the new plugins-archive.
  • Miscellaneous: The Maven dependency setup has been simplified by automatically copying all required runtime-dependencies to ImageJ’s jar folder.


Delaunay triangulation of a set of detected corner points (click on image to enlarge).